Anything but stereotypes.
The hallmark of the Les Cinq woman is how effortlessly she stands out from the crowd. It’s her vocation; it’s in her blood, a matter of character.
Wherever she goes, because she’s always on the move: travel and exploration are who she is, rather than what she does. They’re a spiritual need, never a material one. Both the outerwear and the layers in the collection are an alchemy of that slightly androgynous slant on feminine style that’s just as much in its element – and just as charismatic – at the heart of the big city buzz, dashing from one date to another, as on an expedition way off into the wild, right to the edge of the world. Striking just the right balance between summer lightness and tenacious strength. Energy. Pure dynamism. Laid-back nonchalance, effortless style.

These are the signature features of both the outerwear and the shorts and mini-skirts, with animal prints that give them a distinctive edge thanks to the glamorous, psychedelic twist shaped by the electric shades and cyber-punk combinations. Cutting-edge fabrics, designed for perfect outdoor and sportswear performance, topped off with extra-exclusive finishings in plongé nappa leather, calfskin and washable leather, skilfully tailored by French and Italian craftsmen. Silk-touch nappa leather driving gloves that break up the stylish rigour of this exquisite craftsmanship, bolstered with bracelets studded with bolts and rivets, often enhanced with mutating galvanization, teamed with the foulards in the collection to complete the perfect outfit for the adventurer, the Valkyria, the everyday Karen Blixen, timeless and universal.