Heading towards the frontier. In terms of geography, but above all action. This is a mix that sets the pace for a melting pot in which clothes and accessories draw a sophisticated, distinctively original map of materials and details based on the allure of life on the go. The inspiration for the Les Cinq Autumn-Winter collection blows in from the East, from the mountain regions that stretch from the Taurus range in Turkey and spill over into the Caucasus, with its essence concentrated into the iconic waxing moon zip puller. From these inhospitable highlands, considered the frontier of civilization by the ancients and the home of the Amazon warriors, it shifts towards the global metropolitan peaks.

Parkas and bombers with a fresh twist, accompanied on their mission by aviator-style overalls, alternating with teddies and perfectos for a perfect homage to metropolitan subcultures. The gloves are where Les Cinq places its hallmark signature on the collection: long or short driving gloves, gloves embellished with shiny buckles, snap-hooks and silvery camouflage patterns. In the head-to-toe outfits, where the collection comes into its own, the outerwear becomes very much a second skin for the microfiber layers, shaping an impeccable silhouette with their comfortable, versatile style. Primary colours such as red and yellow to the fore, along with petrol blue, black and ice grey, in keeping with the outdoor character of the items, featuring a dynamic degradé effect; ultra-technical fabrics, designed for maximum performance and comfort, take on new shapes, redefining their orientation and enhancing and exalting their primordial appearance.