The esoteric number 5 represents the pursuit of the ultimate limit, of transgression and adventure, a figurative reference to experience in all its sensations, and to the fingers on the hand, covered in the glove that is the icon accessory of the fashion house.
Collection after collection, the inspiration is drawn from travel. Gutsy city ladies, both sophisticated wanderers and worldwide explorers, take centre stage in the exciting Les Cinq saga.
Independent, contemporary women, guided by sheer feminine intuition, display a cool, brazen elegance. Audacious and marvellously self-aware, passionate about a healthy, active lifestyle.

Outdoor, sporty, supremely wearable pieces, with the accent on freedom and comfort, given a fresh, metropolitan edge where tech-chic instinct joins forces with a gorgeous everyday prêt-à-porter look.
Genuine hand-crafted objects and accessories form the fil rouge running through the seasons, offering an effective response to the extreme situations of the big city.
The versatile appeal of Les Cinq cuts right across the style spectrum, encompassing extreme sports, street culture, luxury, technical features and the unique beauty of custom-made fashion.