Les Cinq


Les Cinq Paris is a brand that brings together a powerful performance style with a luxury designer message.
The brand name, Les Cinq, represents five key messages: Embracing – Experimentation – Exploration – Change – Freedom. Founded by Lisa Traverso, a young Italian woman with an incredible energy and a modern vision of the community of women (who has previously consulted for Balmain and Acne), the brand combines the worlds of luxury fashion design and a sense of urban mobility. Les Cinq store is based in a historical fashion arcade, “Le Passage du Cerf”. The interior mood of the store reflects the product on offer in a mix of performance fabrics and bursts of dynamic colour set in a designer workshop.

The products hang from bicycle chains, presented like accessories in a tool shop. The flow of mechanised bicycle parts mixed in with fully interchangeable clothing produces a statement of sophistication and adventure. Cycling gloves with studding details and coats with detachable sleeves in sportswear fabrics are all part of this developed urban vibe.
The collection captures the imagination of street style clothing, but gives it a luxurious twist through the premium craftsmanship of the product. This is a collection that breaks down the stereotypical barriers of what represents luxury, redefining a modern streetwear look. And the layout and look of the store is the perfect backdrop!


Spiced up with a hint of extravagance, the Les Cinq woman steps confidently forward. Instantly recognisable, she strides through the noise and colour of a Thai city, or a buzzing Chinatown, bombarded with sounds, scents and visions. Her strong, rebel character takes all this in, turning it into a barefaced elegance: practical for the daytime, comfortable and confident for the evening.
The garish neon signs of the tuning shops along the road spark an all-encompassing search for textures packed with exotic symbols. Colourful, graceful, ritual lines adorn the boxers and robes of Muay Thai fighters get out of the ring and dare to face jacquard motifs on wide shorts and long coats. Little temples and street sculptures are captured in the stylised shapes of the graphics on the oversize tees. Biker style heads out east, with tough garment-washed gabardines making way for bonded cottons with simple lines, enhanced by mirror-like leather. Technical fabrics become lightweight for summer, for gentle and fluid silhouettes, without losing their performance codes.

All the dynamic energy of the East reflects into the dramatic blacks, alongside lacquered orange, set off by emerald green and purest white. Sometimes modular and combinable, the clothes and accessories are designed to make up head-to-toe outfits, linked with chrome-plated snaphooks. New solutions with a taste for adventure – for a trip into the realm of the Tigers, or for daily rides into the big city. The lights of the city come alive in the metal glare of the bolts, the brand’s distinctive creative sign. The icon glove evolves into evening wear, joining forces with the snaphook bracelets.
A complete kit for urban travel: a mini-clutch for the essentials, a water bottle holder and a bike u-lock.